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The Caroni River is the second most important river of Venezuela, the second in flow, and one of the longest, 952 km (592 miles) from the Tepui Kukenan, where it originates with the same name Kukenan, up to its confluence with the Río Orinoco to which it belongs. The name "Caroni" is applied starting from the confluence of the Kukenan with the Yuruani, at 182 km (113 miles) from the source of the Kukenan and 770 km (480 miles) from its discharge in the Orinoco. The meeting takes place in the south of Venezuela, in Bolivar State, being the most important tributary of the Orinoco, mostly because of the high discharge rate. The higher basin of the Caroni is situated in the Gran Sabana (Canaima National Park) close to the border with Brazil.

Open Water Swimming

It is site of the Paso a Nado de los ríos Orinoco y Caroní (Orinoco River Swim), a 3.1 km cross-river between the Río Orinoco and Río Caroní.

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