Carol Lee Heltzel

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Carol Lee Heltzel (Carol Lee Breiter), channel swimmer and coach

Carol Lee Heltzel (aka Carol Breiter) is an accomplished open water swimmer and coach. She completed two channels of the Oceans Seven: the Catalina Channel and the English Channel. She was the first female swimmer, finishing in 9 hours 28 minutes as she represented the United States at the USA Long Distance International Championships in the Catalina Channel and won the 10-mile ocean swim at the 1980, 1982 and 1983 Seal Beach Rough Water Swims in Seal Beach, California.


She founded the Hawaiian Channel Swim Association in 1984. She was the first person to cross the Maui Channel from Lanai to Maui in 1983 in 4 hours 14 minutes.


Breiter is an open water swimming coach who helped guide Nejib Belhedi across the Bering Strait on 17 August 2013 when he swam 4 km south-to-north along the International Date Line near Little Diomede Island in the Bering Strait in 39 minutes with a north-running current that assisted in the swim in 2ºC or about 36ºF.

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