Carmen García

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Carmen García is a film director who created a film about wild swimming in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. The film Trá na mban Women Swimmers was co-produced by Hannah Weadick.

Trá na mban Women Swimmers

In the west coast of Ireland, a group of Irish women 40 to 80 years old swim every morning in the Atlantic cold waters come rain or shine. Martell, who hasn’t missed a day in 10 years now, let us know how is it for her and the swimmers to meet at the Ladies Beach in Galway, vent together under the cold water and share a hot coffee and a warm chat afterwards. A tight-knit bunch brought together by their love to the sea.

Trá na mban awards

  • The film received the Best short doc winner at the Shot by the Sea Film Festival.
  • The film won the student category at the Women over Fifty Film Festival.
  • The film received special mention at the Dublin International Film Festival.
  • The film was an official short films selection at the Dublin Feminist Film Festival.

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