Cara Shrum

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Photo of the 2011 Portland Bridge Swim by Randy Rasmussen

Cara Shrum is an American open water swimmer who completed the Portland Bridge Swim, a 10.7-mile (17.2 km) marathon swimming race in the Willamette River through Portland, Oregon and part of the Oregon Open Water Series.

Portland Bridge Swim

The Portland Bridge Swim course passes under all 11 bridges on the Willamette River within the city boundaries. Swimmers must complete a qualifying swim to enter, and are required to have a support kayaker (rentals available) to swim. It is one of the longest marathon swims in the world and was named as one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.

2011 Results

1. Emily Melina, 4:19:10 First Place, Women's No Wetsuit
2. Michelle Macy, 4:29:00
3. Ben Weston, 4:39:10 First Place, Men's No Wetsuit
4. Garrett Martin, 5:11:42
5. Joni Young, 5:13:04
6. John Ellis, 5:19:07 First Place, Men's Wetsuit
7. Cara Shrum, 5:26:47
8. Kelsey Bowen, 5:32:13
9. Mark Braun, 5:40:50
10. Mike Humphreys, 5:40:50
11. Suzanne Dods, 6:05:44
12. Bob Needham, 6:22:24
13. Bonnie Edwards, 6:26:02
14. Sethyn Bryan, 7:46:51, First Place, Women's No Wetsuit

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