Cape St. Francis

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Cape St. Francis (Afrikaans: Kaap St Francis) is a town in South Africa, situated on a headland in the Eastern Cape Province. It is popular for its clean beaches and as a surfing location. The town is home to a Penguin Rescue and Rehabilitation Center as well as the Seal Point Lighthouse.

The adjacent town, St Francis Bay, was the site of "ten-million-to-one" surfing waves seen in the 1966 surf/travel documentary, The Endless Summer. Cape St. Francis is now known as one of the best surfing locations. Given its geological location, it is susceptible to swell year round from large low pressure systems that form between Antarctica and the southern tip of Africa. When large south west swell wrap around the coastline of the region and the prevailing offshore winds come up, the surfing is excellent.

Open Water Swimming

South African open water swimmers Brenton Williams (swimming butterfly), Kendal Wright and Kyle Harris became the first people to swim 8 km around Cape St Francis and Shark Point in April 2014 in 3 hours 38 minutes.

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