Canine lifeguard

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noun - A canine lifeguard is a dog and canine swimmer that serves to help swimmers in distress.

Canine LIfeguards

Massi, a Newfoundland, and Rambo and Romeo, Labradors, serve as canine lifeguards in Ostia, Rome, Italy. Under the guidance of the National Civil Protection Agency, a group of 70 Labradors, Newfoundlands and golden retrievers help serve as canine lifeguards and patrol the shoreline along with their human counterparts. They start training when they are puppies and learn to spot humans in trouble, paddle out to them and allow the swimmer under duress to grab them. The dogs then paddle to safety with the human and can even drag up to 3 people up onshore with their teeth.

Robbie, a Labrador, saved fellow canine friends.


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