Canal de São Vicente

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The Canal de São Vicente is a channel separating the islands of Santo Antão and São Vicente in Cape Verde, Africa. Its length is between 10 to 20 km and the width is approximately 15 km. Its area is approximately 300 to 400 km² and a few streams empty in the channel all of them from the island of Santo Antão. Each of the coastlines can be seen. The ferry route links the ports of Porto Novo on Santo Antão and Mindelo on São Vicente across the canal.

The channel begins in São Vicente's northwesternmost cape near Monte Cara up to the point of João Evora in the northeast. On Santo Antão, it starts from the island's southernmost point ending at the island's easternmost point.

Channel Swimming

Canal de São Vicente was first crossed by an American swimmer David Yudovin on 26 June 2016.

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