California Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming

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noun - The California Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming is a Triple Crown achievement that was created by Evan Morrison of the Marathon Swimmers Federation in March 2017. The achievement includes solo, non-assisted crossings of the Santa Barbara Channel, Catalina Channel, and Lake Tahoe.

Members as of August 2017

1st: Kevin Murphy (UK) completed in 2007
2nd: Dave Van Mouwerik (USA) completed in 2012
3rd: Tina Neill (USA) completed in 2015
4th: Amy Appelhans Gubser (USA) completed in 2017
5th: Marcia Cleveland (USA) completed in 2017
6th: Ryan Utsumi (USA) completed in 2017
7th: Ken Mignosa (USA) completed in 2017
8th: Robin Rose (USA) completed in 2018
9th Anthony McCarley (USA) completed in 2018
10th Abigail Fairman (USA) completed in 2018
11th: Angel More (USA) completed in 2018
12th Marilyn Korzekwa (Canada) completely in 2018
13th Luca Pozzi (Italy) completed in 2018
14th Scott Kalousti (USA) completed in 2019
15th Abigail Bergman (USA) completed in 2019
16th Ranie Pearce (USA) completed in 2019

The official, authoritative California Triple Crown list is maintained by MSF here.

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