California Coastal Swim

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Night Train Swimmers in Sequel, their escort boat starting at Gaviota State Park in their 228-mile non-stop relay swim along the California coast with Grace van der Byl in the water

The California Coastal Swim is a marathon swimming relay attempt by the Night Train Swimmers of San Francisco, California.

The team members will attempt to set the world record for the longest non-stop ocean relay swim in history. The Night Train Swimmers will attempt a 228-mile (367 km) swim down the California coast from Gaviota State Park to Coronado near the San Diego Yacht Club in August 2013. Under the direction of captain Vito Bialla, Phil Cutti, David Holscher, Zach Jirkovsky, Luane Rowe, Blair Cannon, and Grace van der Byl, with Walter Bean Scott at the alternate swimmer, will rotate in one-hour swim legs.


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