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Cabrillo Beach

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Cabrillo Beach is a beach located in San Pedro, Los Angeles California named after Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese explorer who was the first to sail up the California coast. Cabrillo Beach is located next to the Los Angeles Harbor and is 20 miles from Catalina Island. Cabrillo Beach is a popular destination for windsurfers, kayakers, and scuba divers as well as open water swimmers due to its location near the finish of Catalina Island channel crossings. The local swimmers includ the Cabrillo Beach Polar Bears.

USA Long Distance International Championships

Cabrillo Beach was also site of the finish of the USA Long Distance International Championships in 1984 and the 1927 Wrigley Ocean Marathon, an open water swimming competition across the Catalina Channel from Catalina Island to the California mainland.


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