Gulf of Gabes

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The Gulf of Gabès, also Cabès, Cabes, Gaps Arabic: خليج قابس, is a gulf on Tunisia's east coast in the Mediterranean Sea, off North Africa. The gulf roughly spans the coast from Sfax to Djerba. At the head of the gulf is the city of Gabès (Ghannouche) where the tides have a large range of up to 2.1 m at spring tides. Both Gabès and Sfax are major ports on the gulf, supporting sponge and tuna fisheries, with Gabès being the economic and administrative center.

World Iron Swim Series=

Nejib Belhedi completed a 21 km out-and-back 21 km solo swim in the Gulf of Gabès on 31 July 2015 that started and finished at Limaoua Hamrouni Beach and took 6 hours 30 minutes under the direction of escort pilot Mootaz Talmoudi and observer Houssem Sallami. The Commissariat of Tourism of Gabes organized the event under the supervision of Adel Sbida. Belhedi was also supported by the Governorate of Gabes, the municipality of Gabes City, the Regional Coast Guard Command, the Civil Protection Regional Command, the Regional Health Director, the protection and planning of the Littoral Agency, the National Guard's Regional Command of Gabes, and the Security Forces of Gabes.


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