Canadian National Exhibition

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1930 CNE brochure provided by Lee Shimano
CNE poster from 1963 race courtesy of Abilio Couto
Frank Pritchard in a 1937 cartoon about marathon swimming at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, sponsored by Camel and provided by Jim Pritchard, surviving grandson

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE or The Ex) was a series of professional marathon swims in Canada that attracted the world's finest marathon swimmers to compete in a variety of distances in and across lakes in Canada including George Young who won the 1931 CNE Marathon Swim.

William Wrigley Jr. was the early sponsor (put up half the funds which were matched by the C.N.E.) with the 2nd (1927), 3rd (1928) and 4th (1929) Wrigley Marathon for the Swimming Championship of the World in conjunction with the Canadian National Exhibition. The 1930, 1963 and 1964 races were also promoted as the Championship of the World. While the marathon swim was not held in the years 1938 to 1947 - but a Wrigley trophy was still presented for shorter races.

Male Winners

1927: Ernest Vierkoetter
1928: Georges Michel (furthest distance swum)
1929: Edward Keating
1930: Marvin 'Duke' Nelson
1931: George Young
1933: Marvin Duke Nelson
1934: Marvin Duke Nelson
1935: George Blagden
1936: Francis 'Frank' Pritchard
1937: Francis 'Frank' Pritchard
1938-1946: The marathon swim was temporarily discontinued
1947: Ben Gazel
1948: Steve Wozniak
1949: Cliff Lumsdon, CM
1950: Cliff Lumsdon, CM
1951: Jerry Kerschner
1952: Cliff Lumsdon, CM
1953: Cliff Lumsdon, CM
1959: Cliff Lumsdon, CM
1961: Abdellatief Abou Heif
1961: Herman Willemse
1962: Herman Willemse

Female Winners

1928: Ethel Hertle
1929: Martha Norelius
1930: Ethel Hertle
1931: Ethel Hertle
1932: Ethel Hertle
1933: Ruth Tower Corsan
1934: May Looney (5 miles)
1935: Charlotte Acres
1936: Susan Robertson
1937: Lenore Wingard
1962: Marty Sinn
1947: Lenore Wingard
1948: Lenore Wingard
1949: Lenore Wingard
1950: Lenore Wingard
1951: Vivian King
1952: Shirley Campbell
1953: Shirley Campbell
1963: Greta Anderson

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