Channel Crossing Association

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Andy King of the Channel Crossing Association
The Louise Jane of the Channel Crossing Association

noun - The Channel Crossing Association is a governing body for solo swimmers and relays across the English Channel, established by Andy King, an escort pilot in the English Channel formerly with the Channel Swimming Association.

English Channel Crossing

King escorted a relay crossing of the English Channel on 7 April 2017 in 11 hours 26 minutes, organized by Howard James for The Alexa Trust and co-escorted by pilot Eric Hartley of the Channel Crossing Association. It was the earliest relay crossing in English Channel history and included Matthew Culverwell (1st), Redy Redfern (2nd), Rory Fitzgerald (3rd), Phia Steyn (4th), Jeremy Irvine (5th), Clare Hansell (6th), Pip Barry (7th), and Annette Stewart (8th).

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