Clifton Openwater Race Experience

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Clifton Openwater Race Experience (C.O.R.E.) is a 3 km open water swimming competition held in South Africa held on 5 May 2013 for solo swimmers and relays.


The race is a 3 km course that consists of 2 x 1500m laps with an in-the-water start and buoys spaced at 250m. The outbound leg (6-1-2) and inbound leg (3-4-5) measured 500m while deep leg (2-3)) and shallow leg (5-6) measured 250m each.


First into the Finish chute was Craig Getz, a wetsuited Clifton SLSC senior member, followed by Richard Willmore (Channel rules) and Levi Kruyer (a relay pair with Gadi Friedman).

3 km Solo Men: Richard Willmore 44:03
3 km Solo Women: Merri Rix Spratley 55:35
3 km Wetsuits Solo Men: Craig Getz 43:11
3 km Wetsuits Solo Female: Viv Williams 47:52


1. Glider - polarised sunglasses
2. Coral Wetsuits - sponsored custom fitted triathlon wetsuit
3. Sportsmans Warehouse - vouchers

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