Bude Sea Pool

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Bude Sea Pool is a man-made, part-natural pool near the coastal cliffs under Summerleaze Beach at Bude in north Cornwall, England. The Sea Pool at Bude was created in the 1930s to provide safe swimming at Summerleaze beach. It’s open access from the beach and is free to use. The sea-water pool is nearly 100m long and is topped up twice a day at high tide. Very few tidal pools of this type still exist around the world: just a handful are still open to the public.

In recent years, Bude Sea Pool was run by Cornwall Council, but funding for the pool was withdrawn leading to its possible closure and demolition. A volunteer, not-for-profit community group, the Friends of Bude Sea Pool, was formed in 2011 to secure the Pool’s future.

Responsibility for the Sea Pool was formally passed to FoBSP in 2012. Since then FoBSP have successfully completed a number of urgent renovation and structural improvement projects, including vital H&S upgrades, a new watergate and extensive repairs to the sea wall following years of neglect under the previous management. Further renovation work planned for 2015 is likely to cost £60,000. Annual membership of FoBSP costs £10 for adults, £5 for under-16s, £25 for families.

Friends of Bude Seal Pool

Paul Tilzey is the Chairman of Friends of Bude Sea Pool.

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