Bubble Baba Challenge

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The Bubble Baba Challenge is an open water swimming event held in the rapids of Vuoksi River in Russia where participants race downstream in the water using sex dolls as flotation devices.


It began in 2003 and is staged every year. In 2011 around 800 people participated in the race, but in 2012 it was banned by the authorities because of "dangerously high water levels"that was being done to repair the roads and rail bridges downstream. Organizers disputed the ban, claiming that it was only effected as part of a country-wide clamp down on mass gatherings.


Participants of either gender are allowed to compete but are required to be aged 16 or over and must pass a compulsory alcohol test.


The Bubble Baba Challenge is held in the Vuoksa Rapids, 50 miles from St Petersburg.


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