Brigantine Beach Ocean Swims

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Participants in the 2014 Brigantine Beach Ocean Swims event

Brigantine Beach Ocean Swims includes a 800m, 2 km and 10 km marathon swims held in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey, U.S.A.

2015 Date

11 July 2015.


The Brigantine Greenheads, in conjunction with the Brigantine Beach Patrol, and the City of Brigantine Beach.


10 km marathon swim - The race will begin at BCBP Headquarters on 17th and the Beach. The swimmers will swim South approximately 3k, round the buoy, swim approximately 5k North, round the buoy, and swim 2k South finishing with a running beach finish at BCBP Lifeguard Headquarters. For this race the swimmer must provide a feeder and a feeding pole. Feeders will be transported to the bay area to board the feeding boats which will come around to the ocean. The number of boats will be determined by the number of swimmers who pre-register. Feeders should arrive at check in with your swimmer to receive your boat assignment and transport information to the dock.

2 km - The race will begin at either 39th street south (beach access on 38th street) swimming NORTH, or 7th street north swimming SOUTH. Swimmers will swim with the current (which will be announced at registration).


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