Bridgeen Mallon

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Mickey Mallon and Bridgeen Mallon, award-winning triathletes from Ireland
Milo Mc Court and Bridgeen Mallon, award-winning triathletes

Bridgeen Mallon is an Irish triathlete and matriarch of the Mallon family that includes award-winning triathletes and open water swimmers including husband Mickey Mallon, daughter Colleen Mallon, son Pádraig Mallon, son Sean Mallon, daughter Seline Mallon, daughter Michelle Mallon and son Martin Mallon. Mickey has 6 Ironman triathlons under his cap. Her brother-in-law is Milo Mc Court.

Triathlon Career

Mallon earned a silver medal in her age category in the 2014 National Sprint Triathlon Series in Ireland.

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