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Brian Patterson is an endurance sports photographer and one of the founding members of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society. He is an avid waterman has also spent his whole life visiting Lake Tahoe. His family owns a home across from the lake. Patterson is an avid swimmer and has competed at the NCAA national championships. He is a professional endurance photographer who has captured athletic achievements that have been published all over the world and will be the chief photographer for Jamie Patrick's The Great Lake Swim. He is also a support crew member of The Long Swim by Jamie Patrick.

Lake Tahoe Swimming Society

The Lake Tahoe Swimming Society was founded by Jamie Patrick, Karen Rogers, Brian Patterson, Garrett Harley and Rob Laurie.

The Long Swim

Jamie Patrick's support crew on The Long Swim was Jim Patrick, his wife Teresa Patrick, Matt Richardson, Jen Schumacher, Janet Manning, Breanne Melconian, Lynn Kubasek, Asha Allen, Brian Patterson, Keith Metzger, and Morgan Christian. He lasted nearly 18 hours in the water before abandoning his swim at the request and recommendations of his support crew.

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