Brian Hall

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Fiona Goh, marathon swimmer featured in DRIVEN, a film co-produced by Brian Hall

Brian Hall is the Director of Photography, Editor and Co-producer of the documentary film DRIVEN and principal of Element 8 Productions. Hall is a freelance cinematographer and photographer whose work has been featured in many projects over the last ten years including the 11-hour PBS series, Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventures. He has covered stories for the New York Times and Smithsonian and his photographs have appeared in many other publications.

Element 8 Productions

Element 8 Productions is an independent documentary film production company. Element 8 Productions filmed, edited and produced DRIVEN, a documentary film about marathon swimming. The film is currently in production, and features marathon swimmers Fiona Goh, Cherie Edborg, and Evan Morrison, and their respective swims across the Santa Barbara Channel.


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