Brett Rose

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Halestorm with team members and support crew

Brett Rose is an American open water swimmer from Southern California who was a participant in the 33.5 Miles Across the Sea relay from Santa Catalina Island to Laguna Beach on the California mainland together with Tom Hale, Faith Hale, Roddy Teeple, Patsee Ober, and Lynn Kubasek.


Halestorm is a channel swimming relay that swam an unorthodox 33.5-mile relay from Long Point on Santa Catalina Island to Laguna Beach on the Southern California mainland on 8 August 2015 in 19 hours 44 minutes. In order of appearance, the team members included Brett Rose, Tom Hale, Roddy Teeple, Faith Hale, Patsee Ober, and team captain Lynn Kubasek.

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