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Brenda Nagle is a member of the board of directors of Swim Across America. She joined Merrill Lynch in November of 2007 from Smith Barney. She has been a financial advisor since 1999. Brenda's focus is primarily working with non profit organizations assisting them with cash management, investments, and retirement plans. In working with the organizations, Brenda has gained much knowledge and insight into Board Operations and best practices with additional studies leading to the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation this summer. She additionally has individual clients who are primarily involved with non profit organizations. She currently serves as the Secretary on the SAA Executive Committee. Prior to her career as a Financial Advisor, Brenda was a Registered Nurse.

Swim Across America Board Directors

Members include Kerry Anderson, Robert Coakley, Bill Hicks, Scot Mackie, Brenda Nagle, Gerry Oakes, Jack Salerno, Kevin Shine, Richard Tompkins, Evan Vosburgh, Matt Vossler and Burt Zweigenhaft.

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