Brenda Fisher: One of our own

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Brenda Fisher: One of our own is a documentary film, directed by Kurt Mussell about the life and achievements of English Channel swimmer Brenda Fisher. It was released in 2019.

Documentary Film

Brenda Fischer

Brenda Fisher, BEM is a British open water swimmer from Scartho, North East Lincolnshire who crossed the English Channel in August 1951 from France to England in 12 hours 42 minutes to broke the previous women's record of Florence Chadwick in 1950 of 13 hours 20 minutes. She won the 1956 47 km swimming marathon in the Nile River in Egypt, competed in the 36 km Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli in Italy in 1959, crossed the 51 km Lake Ontario from Niagara to Toronto in Canada in 18 hours 50 minutes in 1956 that was 2 hours 6 minutes faster than the previous record set by Marilyn Bell.

She appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and became a pin-up girl for 7 Up lemonade. She became a swimming coach after her retirement and worked for the Ross Group.

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