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Boris Nowalski from Costa Rica is the founder of Mallorca Open Swim in Spain

Boris Nowalski is an open water swimmer, escort pilot, coach and aquapreneur from Costa Rica who has spent most of his life in the water either swimming in a pool or in the ocean, or surfing around the world since he was 6 years old. As a competitive swimmer, he made the Costa Rica national swim team on several occasions. During his college years in the United States, he represented Tufts University at the NCAA Division III Championships. He is a masters swimmer, open water swimmer, triathlete, diver, certified Total Immersion coach, and a licensed boat captain in Spain.

Mallorca Open Swim

Mallorca Open Swim is a group of experienced open water swimmers in Mallorca who offer numerous open water swimming routes on the island of Mallorca, Spain founded by Nowalski. Its team of guides and coaches find ideal coastal spots to swim on any given day based on the local weather and climate conditions.

2020 WOWSA Awards

Mallorca Open Swim by Boris Nowalski was nominated for the 2020 WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year with the following nomination: The waters around Mallorca vary in shades of sea greens and blues, from azure and baby blue to turquoise and royal blue. The beautiful coastline are the sites of Mallorca Open Swim sessions organized by Boris Nowalski. Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and popular holiday destination. Nowalski knows where the best coastal spots are to explore on any given day based on the local weather and climate conditions. For finding the optimal location for all swimmers can visit and enjoy swims along dozens of 42 different coastal courses on the island, for taking care of everything for their guests from safety protocols and improving stroke technique, and for providing memorable adventures and unique experiences in new destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca Open Swim by Boris Nowalski is a worthy nominee for the 2020 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

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