Bolsa Chica State Beach

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Bolsa Chica State Beach is located across from the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, between the cities of Huntington Beach and Sunset Beach in Orange County in Southern California, U.S.A. It is site of the Big Richard biathlon.

Known for its softer surf, it is ideal for ocean swimming, soaking up the beach scene and for beginning surfers year-round. An on-site recreational vehicle campground affords the opportunity for Bolsa Chica Beach camping any time of the year with fire rings, basketball courts and picnic areas dotting the area.

At the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, visitors can bird-watch, surf fish, see grunion fish come out of the water to spawn on the sand and barbeque late into the night. It is part of the beach community in Southern California, U.S.A. called Surf City USA®.

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