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Ned Denison, head coach and instigator of the Cork Distance Week and the Body Brain Confusion Swim
Philip Hodges created a summary of the open water swimming successes of the participants in the 2017 Cork Distance Week in Ireland who participated in the Body Brain Confusion Swim

noun - The Total Brain & Body Confusion Swim is the last and most difficult training swim of the Cork Distance Week, a marathon swimming preparation camp designed and led by International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Administrator Ned Denison of Ireland. Held in Sandycove Island in Cork, Ireland, the Body Brain Confusion Swim is held on the 8th day of the 8-day training camp.

During the Body Brain Confusion Swim a team of coaches (affectionately known as torturers) go out of their way to remove any mental comfort that the swimmers may be experiencing during training. The total amount of training time remains unknown, the swim course is never straight, the feeds remain infrequent as every possible irritation is tossed in the swimmer's way to prepare them to handle the unexpected during their Channel swims.

During the first 7 days, most English Channel aspirants will rest for their 6-hour qualifier and look for 15°C (59°F) calm waters - the first six hours of their planned marathon swim. On the last day in Cork, the swimmers qualify for the last 6 hours of their planned marathon swim with the Body Brain Confusion Swim. In Sandycove Island, the waters are in the 10-13°C (50-55°F) range, rarely calm and the swimmers have just endured their toughest 8 days of cold open water training of their lives.

The Cork Distance Week training camp lays the groundwork to high mileage and significant psychological stress with the goal to help its participants achieve their marathon swimming goals. They leave with a sense of confidence that can see them through their future plans.


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