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blueseventy is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative recreational and competitive swimwear, swim caps, goggles and triathlon gear based in New Zealand. blueseventy has generously sponsored triathlons and open water swimmers throughout its history.

blueseventy Product Explanations


blueseventy's Ambassadors include the following athletes:

  • Pete Jacobs
  • Leanda Cave
  • Ross Davenport
  • Beautrix Eisel
  • Cam Dye
  • Catriona Morrison
  • Laura Val
  • Clayton Fettell
  • James Guy
  • Tim Don
  • Conrad Stoltz
  • Melissa Hauschildt
  • Alys Thomas
  • Fraser Cartmell
  • Gwen Jorgensen
  • Georgia Davies
  • Bob Strand
  • Kristin Jones

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