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Blair Cannon before the Nighttrain228 relay down the California coast
Phil Cutti, David Holscher, Zach Jirkovsky, Luane Rowe, Blair Cannon, and Grace van der Byl of the Night Train Swimmers walking onshore after a 228-mile non-stop relay down the California coast between 22-26 August 2013, escorted by Vito Bialla, Hal McCormick, and Patrick Horn
Night Train Swimmers in Sequel, their escort boat starting at Gaviota State Park in their 228-mile non-stop relay swim along the California coast with Grace van der Byl in the water

Blair Cannon is an American pool and open water swimmer and a San Diego-based philanthropist and vice president of Bernstein Global Wealth Management. He is the 7th fastest Catalina Channel swimmer of all time with an 8 hour 18 minutecrossing in 2011.

Swimming Career

Canoon is a life-long swimmer who raised money during his Catalina Channel crossing on behalf of the Monarch School and the Great Friends Foundation.

His 20-mile crossing was labeled as the Cannon Catalina Challenge and raised US$10,000 per mile to benefit the annual fund of Monarch School, the San Diego-based school for children impacted by homelessness, and the Great Friends Foundation Scholarship Program for children of the military in San Diego.

"Blair is truly dedicated to this swim and his determination is a testament that, just like him, the children of Monarch School and the Great Friends Foundation can do anything if they work hard enough,” said his coach Anne Cleveland.

"The children at Monarch and those supported by the Great Friends Foundation face so many challenges,” explained Blair. "I wanted to do this because I know these kids have felt cold or hungry or scared before, yet they are going to school and working to improve their lives. They inspire me, and this is a chance for me to do the same for them. I want them to see that any goal is possible if you work hard enough."

California Coastal Swim

Cannon participated in the California Coastal Swim or the Nighttrain228, the Night Train Swimmers's world record setting non-stop ocean relay swim. The Night Train Swimmers completed a 228-mile (367 km) swim down the California coast from Gaviota State Park to the San Diego Yacht Club between 22-26 August 2013. Under the direction of captain Vito Bialla with crew Hal McCormick and Patrick Horn, Phil Cutti, David Holscher, Zach Jirkovsky, Luane Rowe, Blair Cannon, and Grace van der Byl, with Walter Bean Scott as the alternate swimmer, will rotate in one-hour swim legs.

Catalina Channel Crossing


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