Black Swimming Association

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Black Swimming Association is a non-profit organization founded by Ed Accura that focuses on education, advocacy, research and support for people of colour in aquatics.


  • Ed Accura, a British hip-hop artist and protagonist of A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim, a documentary film directed by Mysterex.
  • Danielle Obe, a Business Change & Integration Management Consultant with experience within the private, public and voluntary sectors. She improves complex change programs within the Financial, Insurance, IT, Telecoms and Regeneration industries. She has worked for companies such as Fujitsu, Olympic Delivery Authority, Vodafone and the Royal Bank of Scotland. She also invented Nemes.
  • Alice Dearing, an elite British pool and open water swimmer.


The Black Swimming Association (BSA) is set up to:

  • Highlight swimming as an essential and invaluable life-saving skill for all communities.
  • Promote education among the Black community as well as other ethnic minority communities on water safety and drowning prevention measures.
  • Ensure that the issues that preclude these communities from engaging in aquatics are researched, understood and adequately addressed.
  • Collaborate with national aquatic governing bodies, brands and other charities in order to drive participation, engagement and inclusion for ethnic minority communities in aquatics.
  • Support opportunities that make aquatics more accessible for people of colour.

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