Bimmah Sink Hole

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Bimmah Sink Hole is a vast crater and a stunning natural swimming pool in Oman. About 50-metres in diameter and of unknown depth, the “House of Demons” is one of the most easily accessible wild swims in Oman. It even has a car park and changing facilities. Once in, you can clamber up the rope at the far end to jump off a ledge or turn around and swim into the cave. On your way out, cast a look back down at the water from the top and think about how high you are. A local friend of ours showed a photo of himself jumping from the edge. Impressive.

  • Location: Hwaiyat Najm Park, off the coastal Muscat-Sur road near Wadi Shab
  • Time from Muscat: 1.5 hours
  • Walking time: 2 minutes
  • No 4WD needed