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William Eugene Dickey or Billy Dickey (born 20 October 1874 – died 13 May 1944 in St. Petersburg, Florida) was an American diver and swimmer who competed in the 1904 St. Louis Olympics and was a member of the New York Athletic Club. During World War I, he moved to Seneca, New York and worked as a sales manager for a pump works. He served during the war as an assistant engineer for the US Navy. He and his wife moved near Clearwater, Florida in their later years. For his military service Bill Dickey was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Athletic Highlights

  • At the 1904 St. Louis Olympics, he won a gold medal in a plunge for distance event at the age of 29 in 62 feet 6 inches or 19.05 meters at Life Saving Exhibition Lake in Forest Park, St. Louis on 5 September 1904.
  • He was a member of the New York Athletic Club when he won his Olympic gold medal.
  • He competed in swimming with his brother Percy and lived in Manhattan where he worked as an occupation engineer.

1904 Plunge for Distance

The plunge for distance was an unusual event, but was a common one in that era. It was based on the distance the athlete achieved with no attempt to propel himself after entering the water. There were five competitors at the 1904 St. Louis Olympic Games, all American. [Bill Dickey] won the event easily with a distance of 62 feet 6 inches. The American record holder at the time, Charles Pyrah, was far off form and finished fifth and last.


Gold: Billy Dickey (USA, 29) 19.05 meters
Silver: Edgar Adams (USA, 36) 17.52 meters
Bronze: Budd Goodwin (USA, 20) 17.37 meters
4th: Newman Samuel (USA, 23) 16.76 meters
5th: Charles Pyrah (USA, 34) 14.02 meters

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