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Bill Lauritzen, an American swimmer and eduator

William Lauritzen, M.S. is Lecturer at Xiamen University and an American pool and open water swimmer who has invented and engineered various products and processes over the course of his eclectic career. He is author, educator, scientist, and visionary who wrote a book about the invention of religion and mythology called, The Invention of God. He currently teaches at a national university in China, Xiamen University, where he is associated with the College of Foreign Language and Culture and the Brain-Like Intelligence Systems Laboratory.

He is a deep thinker who has created several innovative designs and insightful articles which combine cognitive science, mathematics, geometry, geodesic domes, archeology, anthropology, geology, oceanography, education, ancient Egypt, and economics. His designs include a new way of presenting and teaching the English alphabet (still under development), a new number system (a base-12 color-coded number system with new symbols), an educational word game (still under development), and Spacehenge.

Swimming Career

  • 2004 Open Water Swim, Playa del Rey, California 1st Place in age group
  • 1991 Hapuna Roughwater Swim, Big Island, Hawaii, 1st Place in age group
  • 1990 Featured on KCET, with Huell Howser; for inventing a new swimming stroke
  • 1988 Ranked by Swim Magazine in All-Time-Top-10 World Ranking, Two Events
  • 1973 NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship Award, Swimming
  • 1972 and 1973 Swim Team Captain US Air Force Academy
  • 1968 Illinois State Champion, 100 yard breaststroke
  • 1968 Ft. Lauderdale Holiday Training with Dr. James Counsilman, author Science of Swimming
  • 1967, 1968, 1969 High School All-American, Hinsdale High School

Publications and Papers

"Nature's Numbers," booklet, Grassroots Press, Glendale, CA, 1994
"Numbers of the Future," 30 minute video, 1995
"Buckminsterfullerene Triangulated," First International Interdisciplinary Buckminsterfullerene Conference, Santa Barbara, 1993
"In the Sky Dome: Feel the Round Earth", Dome, Winter, 1995
"Versatile Economics," Dome, Spring, 1996
"Geodesic Dome Education," Dome, Fall, 1996
"Move Over Primes--Versatiles Are Here," Communicator, California Mathematics Council, September, 1996
"The Math Debate,” Glendale News Press, Spring, 1999
"The New American Education: Drill and Kill," Glendale News Press, Aug, 2000
“The Mis-Education of America,” Whole Life Times, Jan 2000
“Most Students Can’t Identify Nouns,” Glendale News Press, Nov 9th, 2000
“Is Your Kid Reading or Word Calling?” Glendale News Press, Dec 7th, 2000
“Closed-Captioned Programs Can Help Improve Literacy,” Glendale News Press, Dec 25th, 2000


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