Big Course

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noun - The Big Course is a 2.1 km sea swimming course used by the Brighton Icebergers, a year-round open water swimming pod founded by John Locco where they train in the sea between temperatures from 7ºC and 22ºC.


The Icebergers have a series of open water swimming courses including the 250m Morning Glory course, the 1.5 km No Brainer course, the 2.1 km Big Course out to the Reef Marker, or the 2.4 km Super Course.

Annual Iceberger Events

  • New Year’s Eve Midnight Swim: a 1.25 km swim in the phospherous flecked black sea starts from the pier at 11:45 pm and pauses at midnight at the “silver pole” marker located out at sea 1 km+ from the start. As fireworks light the night sky and city skyline marking the New Year, the swim is completed followed by a few beers and glasses of bubbly back onshore.
  • Christmas Relay Race: a group sprint race between the landings as team leaders and tactics are crucial

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