Big Bleu of Sfax

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Blue Bleu of Sfax course by Nejib Belhedi

Big Bleu of Sfax is a 100 km series of 3 stage swims by Nejib Belhedi from Ellouza to Mahres in Tunisia where he will pass by Kekennah detroit (El kantra). He will face outrageously strong tides, tricky shallows, extreme salinity, shivers of sharks waiting in the Oued Ellouza sea river, large smacks of jellyfish over a stretch of 100 km.


"I am swimming to the Oued Ellouza via a natural water route," explains the winner of the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year. "I found myself that I'm inspired to make my water route as Phoéniciens who use Oued Ellouza as a marine highway within a trans-Mediteranian logistic network from Tripoli to Carthage. This Big Blue swim promotes the importance of the Big Blue [sea] as the oxygen lungs of the region of sfax.

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