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Benten Cape on the Tsugaru Channel in Kodomari village
Benten Cape from Kodomari village in Aomori Prefecture where Tsugaru Channel swimmers begin their swim
Ion Lazarenco Tiron course across the Tsugaru Channel from Kodomari Benten Cape to Shirakami Misaki on Hokkaido on 25 July 2017 in 11 hours 20 minutes in northern Japan

Kodomari (小泊村) is a village located in Kitatsugaru District in western Aomori Prefecture, Japan where many Tsugaru Channel swimmers start on their channel swims on Kodomari Cape (Benten-zaki or Benten Cape or 弁天崎 in Japanese), with the goal to finish on Hokkaido at Shirakami Misaki.

Kodomari is located in far northwest corner of Tsugaru Peninsula facing the Sea of Japan and Tsugaru Channel. Kodomari has an estimated population of 4,000.

Kodomari Route

The Kodomari Route is one of two channel crossing routes used by swimmers. It starts at Kodomari Benten Cape and finishes at Shirakami Misaki on Hokkaido.

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