Belgian Championship Short Distance

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In the beautiful environment of the Bloso watersportcentrum Hazewinkel at Willebroek, the Verenigde Willebroekse Zwemclub hosts the 28th international open water swim competition.

The international open water swim competition is conducted in accordance with the rules of the KBZB/VZL and FINA. The length of the course in the Bloso Sportcentrum Hazewinkel is exact 2000 meters for the 27 August 2011 competition.


Saturday, 27 August 2011: Belgian Championship 10,000 meters Sunday, 28 August 2011: Belgian Championship Long Distance: 5,000 meters and 3,000 meters in the morning. Belgian Championship Short Distance: 2000 meters and 1000 meters in the afternoon.

Swimmers can participate in a maximum of 3 races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday morning and one on Sunday afternoon.


0pen Belgian championship 10,000 meters - € 5 5000, 3000, 2000 and 1000 meters - € 5


First 3 finishers in each category receive a trophy. Every official finisher receives a souvenir


When a swimmer breaks a record, he receives a bonus of €60.


1. Each participant will sign a declaration that he is sufficiently fit to participate at this jogging. 2. The limit to swim the distance is maximum 2 hours. 3. In order to pass the swimming jogging the minimum water temperature must be 16°C. In the last two weeks, you can find the temperature of the water on our website: 4. Swimming in a wetsuit is allowed if the water temperature does not exceed 24°C. 5. To participate in this jogging is no license required. 6. Each swimmer must appear personally at the secretary to: a. Pay the entry fee if it has not happened yet. b. Receive his cap c. Receive the latest information 7. Each swimmer must be presented 15 minutes before the start at the starting line. a. Women at 1:15 p.m. b. Men at 1:30 p.m. 8. Each swimmer goes along with the guidelines of the fire department, rescuers and supervisors without protest. 9. The maximum number of swimmers is set at 250 participants. a. The organization has the right to close the entries before the announced registration deadline. b. On-site registration is possible only if the maximum number of participants is not exceeded. 10. Each swimmer will receive a keepsake at the finish when handing in his cap.


500 meters: After almost every open water swimming competition, everybody can participate to an open water jogging. This isn’t really a competition and you don’t need to be member of a club or having a license. The average distances are between 500 m and 1km. For the small sum of € 2.5 you can already participate. Registration can be done on the day itself. We provide the necessary safety precautions and a nice souvenir. Minimum age to participate is 9 years. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a parent!


Race photos can be seen here, here and [ here].


Race Director

Buls Werner Dendermondsesteenweg 102 B202 2830 Willebroek +32 (0)475 47 99 03 +32 (0)3 889 96 62