Becky Lavelle

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Becky Lavelle is a co-founder of Threshold Racing that organizes the Splash and Dash Aquathon Series.

Splash and Dash Aquathon Series

The Splash and Dash Aquathon Series is an aquathon consisting of a 1-mile swim and 3-mile run in and around the Stevens Creek Reservoir in Cupertino, California on Thursday nights in June, July and August. It is organized by Threshold Racing.

Threshold Racing Management Team

  • Andrew Ferguson, Founder, CEO, Chief Event Organizer.
  • Tom Cotton, Founder, Chief Event Director.
  • Amy Storlie, Director of Marketing and Sponsorship.
  • Becky Lavelle, Founder, Consultant.
  • Brian Lavelle, Founder, Consultant.
  • Tim Naylor, Founder, Consultant.
  • Greg Richards, Director of Timing and IT.

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