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Haifa Bay, also known locally as Cape Carmel), is a bay along the Mediterranean coast of Northern Israel. Haifa Bay is Israel's only natural harbor on the Mediterranean. Fed by the Kishon River, the cities of Haifa and Acre mark its southern and northern capes, while its centre is lined with dunes and the suburban Krayot neighbourhoods. Mount Carmel rises from the southern edge, while the mountains of the Western Galilee run up to the shore at the northern boundary. The Port of Haifa lies along part of its southeastern coastline. Haifa Bay also signifies one of Haifa's nine boroughs, covering the overwhelmingly industrial area northeast of Downtown and south of Kiryat Hayim.

Open Water Swimming

Swim From The Heart Haifa is a charity swim of 1 km to 7.6 km held in Haifa (also known locally as Cape Carmel) on 3 June 2016. Swim From The Heart aims raise awareness and critical research funds to predict and prevent sudden cardiac death (SCD) in children and adults, a major cause of natural death worldwide. Inspired by open-water swimmers in Northern California and Israel, participants swim in one of four heats in the Haifa Bay in order to support of SCD research at Rambam.


Cape Carmel, Bay of Haifa, Hebrew: מפרץ חיפה‎‎, Mifratz Haifa, formerly Bay of Acre

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