Barton Wells

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Barton Wells, founder of Athletic Director and a competitive swimmer during his years at Stanford University, participated in the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix and the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup circuit as a professional marathon swimmer. He finished 2009 ranked 7th in the world. He is currently the Lead iOS Engineer at CloudOn.

Professional Career

At Athletic Director, Wells released a new product in June 2012. The software is easy-to-use meet management software that greatly reduces the need for human-interaction, automating almost all phases of the process. He also developed an app that does live results on your iPhone, called Live Splits, as well as instant race analysis.
Barton, as of 2014, runs the iOS software department at CloudOn, Inc.
As of 2015 he was a Staff Expert Engineer in the Machine Learning group at Dropbox, Inc.

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