Miklós Wesselényi

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Baron Miklós Wesselényi de Hadad (born in Jibou on December 20, 1796 – April 2, 1850) was a Hungarian statesman, leader of the upper house of the Diet, member of the Board of Academy of Sciences, hero of the 1838 Pest flood. He is reported to have exceptional physical strength and trained himself in different sports including horseback riding and open water swimming. He was a celebrity in his era for his athletic accomplishments.


During the 1838 Pest Flood, he saved many lives by rowing about the flooded city and rescuing people from rooftops, gaining nationwide admiration.


  • he is remembered for his support of the development of Hungarian agriculture, the introduction and extension of the silk industry, and his support for children's homes and child care.
  • he was elected to the Board of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1830, and in 1831 he received honorary membership of the institution.

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