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verb - To be barnacled is to be hit, smacked, cut, or scraped by barnacles living on a pier, a jetty, pilings, pylons or rock formations while swimming in an ocean or lake or to be hit, smacked, cut, or scraped by other swimmers in a competitive open water swim.


He was barnacled when he tried to swim between the pylons of the pier. She was barnacled while trying to shoot between the leaders at the end of the race.


Barnacle is a type of arthropod that are exclusively marine and tend to live in shallow and tidal waters, typically in erosive settings. They are sessile (non-motile) suspension feeders, and have two nektonic (active swimming) larval stages. Around 1,220 barnacle species are currently known. The name "Cirripedia" is Latin, meaning "curl-footed".

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