Bandit swim

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noun - Bandit swim is an open water swimming attempt or a completed open water swim by a pirate swimmer. It also refers to an unauthorized or unofficial open water swim conducted without local government permits, licenses, insurance, lifeguard or Coast Guard support, law enforcement approval, or other permissions normally sought by open water swimming competitions.

Pirate Swimmer

A pirate swimmer is an individual who does not pay the requisite fees to participate in an open water swimming competition or an open water swimming charity event, or to attempt a marathon swim, or a channel swim where there is a recognized governing body. It can also be an individual who uses another swimmer's name or a false name to purposefully enter an open water swimming event or charity swim. It also refers to an open water swimmer who purposefully preempts a publicly announced marathon swim or channel swim of an unprecedented course by another swimmer.


rogue swim, pirate swim

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