Baltic Adventure

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The Baltic Adventure or Projekt Balitc Adventure was a solo open water swim by Remigiusz Gołębiowski, a Polish swimmer and coach. The Baltic Adventure was the first attempt of crossing the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Poland scheduled between 4-10 August 2014. It is a 160 km wetsuit swim estimated to take at least 48 hours of non-stop swimming.

Remigiusz Gołębiowski

Remigiusz Gołębiowski is the head of the “Swimmers” Swimming Association and a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw (AWF) and is a multiple medallist at the Polish Championships for Juniors and Seniors.


The goal of the Baltic Adventure was to draw attention to the growing number of people drowning in Poland each year, as well as the insufficient number of compulsory swimming classes in primary schools.


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