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Ger Kennedy swimming at Myrtleville Beach in Ireland. Photo by Siobhan Russell

Myrtleville Beach (Irish: Baile an Chuainín meaning "town of the small harbour") is a small seaside village in County Cork, Ireland. It is mostly within the townland of Ballinluska, just west of the entrance to Cork Harbour. The beach is popular all year round with open water swimmers.

2017 MSF Calendar

Myrtleville Beach was featured in the 2017 Marathon Swimmers Federation calendar

Cover – Sarah Thomas swimming in Lake Powell in Arizona. Photo by Ken Classen.
January – Howard James on the earliest English Channel crossing. Photo by Danny Burrows.
February – Theodore Yach swimming his 100th Robben Island crossing. Photo by Mariza Cloete.
March – Radikal MarBrava in Girona, Spain. Photo by Burno Hervas.
April – Swimmers in Lake Willoughby in Vermont. Photo by Manuela Jessel.
May – Howard James leaving Dover. Photo by Danny Burrows.
June – Scott Zornig swimming in San Diego Harbor. Photo by Lynn Kubasek.
July – Dave Van Mouwerik swimming with a whale in Avila Beach. Photo by Michael Dobrzensky.
August – Anthony McCarley swimming in the Harlem River. Photo by Niles Furlong.
September – Marie Watson swimming in Galway Bay in Ireland. Photo by Siobhan Russell.
October – Sarah Thomas at finish on Lake Powell shoreline in Arizona. Photo by Andrew Malinak.
November – Bernard Lynch swimming in the English Channel. Photo by Siobhan Russell.
December – Swimmers entered water on Autumn Equinox in Myrtleville, Ireland. Photo by Siobhan Russell.

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