Babuyan Channel

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The Babuyan Channel is in the Luzon Strait, Filipino: Kipot ng Luzon), the strait between Taiwan and Luzon island of the Philippines. The strait thereby connects the Philippine Sea to the South China Sea in the western Pacific Ocean. The strait is approximately 250 kilometres (160 mi) wide containing a number of islands grouped into two groups: the Batanes Islands of Batanes province and the Babuyan Islands of Cagayan province, both of the Philippines.

The strait is divided into a number of smaller channels. The Babuyan Channel separates Luzon from the Babuyan Islands, which is separated from the Batanes Islands by the Balintang Channel. Batanes is separated from Taiwan by the Bashi Channel.

This is an important strait for shipping and communications. Many ships from the Americas use this route to go to important East Asian ports. Many submarine communications cables pass through the Luzon Strait. These cables provide important data and telephony services to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.[3]

Some of the largest ocean waves in the world are found in the Luzon Strait, at times towering over 170 meters. These waves are underwater and rarely break the surface, thus posing no danger to shipping.

Philippine Open Water Swimming Events

One of the Philippine Open Water Swimming (POWS) events is located in Babuyan Channel:

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