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The Boston Light Swim (also known as the BLS or the Boston Lighthouse Marathon Swim in its early history and currently as the Granddaddy of Open Water Swims or BLS) is the oldest open water swimming event in the United States of America and is a competitive marathon swim held in the Boston Harbor Islands. After a hiatus of several decades, the modern-day version was re-started by James Doty in the 1970s. It is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


8.0 miles (12.8 km)




City Boston Harbor Islands, Boston

State/County/Province Massachusetts

Country USA

Region Americas


Name Greg O'Connor of the Massachusetts Open Water Swimming Association


Event Information

Month: August

Event Date: 18 August 2012

Website: Boston Light Swim website

Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: No

Swimming the Light

The history of the Boston Light Swim has been chronicled by Robert McCormack who authored Swimming the Light, a 2-part series including:


Since before the turn of the twentieth century, ocean swimmers have had aspirations of "Swimming the Light". The route chosen by these early adventurers, and dreamers, went from the bridges in Charlestown to the Boston Light, on Little Brewster Island, in the outer Boston Harbor, a distance of twelve miles. In 1907, a Boston Light Swim Race was inaugurated. This book covers the Boston Light Swim Races for the years 1907 through 1941. After the race in 1941, the event was shut down for the duration of the war.


This book chronicles Boston Light Swim Races from 1976 to 2014. It is a sequel to Swimming the Light: A Brief History of the Boston Light Swim 1907-1941. It includes names of the swimmers, and dates, times and conditions of each swim. Included are anecdotes of several of the Boston Light swimmers, including swimmer and silent film star, Annette Kellerman, and English Channel swim greats, Marcy MacDonald and Peter Jurzynski. A must-read for all active and aspiring ocean and marathon swimmers, and readers who are simply interested in the remarkable exploits of those who swim long distances in the sea.

2022 Race Results

1st Nicolas Knap 3:26.01 with escort pilot Raoul Binette
2nd Miranda Wingfield 3:31.26 with escort pilot Drew Boujoulian
3rd Eyal Schachner 3:31.54 with escort pilot John Swirbalus
4th Bryce Croll 3:33.54 with escort pilot Stan Souza
5th Gillian G Salton 3:45.53 with escort pilot Dave May
6th Daniel Hahn 3:46.40 with escort pilot Mike O'Rourke
7th Steven Laduzinski 3:46.58 with escort pilot Dennis Amtower
8th Kyle Lomeli 3:47.51 with escort pilot Ronnie Mufano
9th Florian Gollnow 3:56.05 with escort pilot Jerome Murphy
10th Hilary Sullivan 4:09.10 with escort pilot Tom Hamilton
11th Jessica Ann Gerber 4:12.26 with escort pilot Wayne Frieden
12th Andrew Leone 4:15.19 with escort pilot Brendan White
13th Seth A Horowitz 4:23.50 with escort pilot Michael Shanahan
14th Jennifer (JB) Lanza 4:26.06 with escort pilot Nancy Monbouquette
15th Mary Stella 4:27.43 with escort pilot Van Christie
16th Kim Garbarino 4:42.40 with escort pilot Bob Gaff
DNF Adam Homoki with escort pilot John Gabrynowicz
DNF Michelle Marquez with escort pilot Tim White
DNF Michael J Lynch Jr with escort pilot Lynch Family
DNF Jeff Rake with escort pilot Bob O'Neil

2021 Race Results

1st Jennifer Downing 3:15:59, 42 Somerville, MA
2nd Craig Lewin 3:21:15, 35 Canton, MA
3rd Laurie Craigen 3:24:22, 43 South Boston, MA
4th Bradley Rochlin 3:43:08, 25 Boston, MA
5th Adam Homoki 3:43:22, 38 Boston, MA
6th Michael Klonsky 3:44:23, 59 Lynnfield, MA
7th Liz Gray 3:45:32, 44 Belmont, MA
8th Neil Greenspan and Lynne Lawson, 3:46:17 Rhode Island
9th Ryan Hawker 4:00:47, 46 Quincy, MA
10th Polly Madding 4:04:24, 42 East Boston, MA
11th Anuj Sampat 4:06:13, 43 Waltham, MA
12th Ted Hirsch 4:10:35, 60 Hull, MA
13th Sara Wolf 4:20:44, 52 Auburn, AL
14th Kim Garbarino 4:26:46, 63 Winthrop, MA
15th James Penrose 4:28:58, 69 Paris, France
16th Paula Yankauskas 4:34:26, 66 Hyde Park, VT
17th Alyssa Langlais 4:35:19, 45 Merrimack, MA
18th Margaret Lonergan 4:56:10, 31 San Francisco, CA
DNFth Michael Lynch 5:00+, 63 West Roxbury, MA

2018 Race Results

1st Guy Davis, 2:45:32, 59, North Hamption, NH
2nd Karl Kingery, 2:50:56, 29, Denver, CO
3rd Ben Holland, 2:59:44, 41, Charlotte, NC
4th Alana Aubin, 3:00:08, 28, Cambridge, MA
5th Carol Cashell, 3:01:12, 39, Cork, Ireland
6th Kiko Bracker, 3:26:10, 49, Needham, MA
7th Ross Simmons, 3:41:46, 54, San Diego, CA
8th Justin Bennett, 3:53:31, 43, Kopper, Hordaland, Norway
9th Andrew Wallace, 3:54:28, 52, Ocean Grove, NJ
10th Molly Ryan, 3:57:53, 30, Dorchester, MA
11th Bryce Croll, 4:00:24, 35, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
12th Ellis Merschoff, 4:23:42, 68, Pasadena, MD (oldest swimmer)
13th Eoin Lowry, 4:35:20, 37, Cork, Ireland
14th Bridget Simpson, 4:35:31, 50, Ticonderoga, NY
15th Christine Linnane, 4:50:39, 49, Boston, MA
DNF Patrick Couture, 5:00:00, 52, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada
DNF Ingrid Bon, 5:00:00, 48, Boca Raton, FL
DNF Mina Elnaccash, 5:00:00, 41, Sommerville, MA
DNF David Kilroy, 5:00:00, 48, Swampscott, MA
DNF Cyndi Kimball, 5:00:00, 55, Easton, ME
DNF Adam Homoki, 3:16:00, 35, Boston, MA
DNF John Kilburn, 0:59:00, 46, Houston, TX

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