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BISRA GaddinAbtGarnish

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BISRA GaddinAbtGarnish is a circumnavigation swim in Cork, Ireland

BISRA GaddinAbtGarnish is a 1 km, 3 km, 5 km and 7 km open water swim around Garnish Island in Glengarriff, Co. Cork, Ireland, one of Ireland's most stunning and safest island circumnavigation swims. Maximum swim time is 2 hours 15 minutes. It is one of the World's Top 100 Island Swims as named by the World Open Water Swimming Association.


It is set in a beautiful post-glacial landscape in the sheltered clear waters of the northeast corner of Bantry Bay surrounded by the rugged mountains of the Beara Peninsula and teaming with water wildlife.

Charity Swim[edit]

The GADD is a non-profit event. All proceeds go to BISRA - the Bantry Inshore Search & Rescue Association.

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