Azov Sea Marathon

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Vadim Ilyuschenko is the race director of the Azov Sea Marathon in Ukraine

Azov Sea Marathon (МАРАФОН АЗОВСКОГО МОРЯ) 2013 is held 24 August 2013 which is also the Independence Day of Ukraine. The 4 km open water swim celebrates the protection of the ecosystem of the Sea of Azov. The event is organized by Vadim Ilyuschenko.

It is held in the Sea of Azov near the village of Sandy and Fishing in Mariupol, Ukraine.

Goals of the Azov Sea Marathon

- Promotion of open water swimming in Ukraine
- Promotion of a healthy lifestyle
- Participation in the protection of the ecosystem the Azov Sea
- Create a swimming marathon international level
- The involvement of amateur swimmers in the sports life of Ukraine and the world
- Strengthening of friendship between swimmers and swimming clubs in the worldwide

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