Aunty Wendy

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Aunty Wendy is the popular and professional Wendy Coles, the administrative heroine of British Swimming in Loughborough and the Amateur Swimming Association. She received the CCPR Unsung Hero Award for her ongoing and passionate support of eite British swimmers, in a career that has spanned over 55 years. She is a certified official with FINA and the Amateur Swimming Association and has organized and drafted a plethora of rules and regulations that have greatly helped to develop the sport of open water swimming.

Coles is also county secretary for Nottinghamshire Swimming, a swimming teacher, a qualified swimming official in both the pool and open water disciplines, involved in organising swimming of the English Channel and a historian of the sport. She wrote about the history of swimming in Nottinghamshire, "I’m very interested in the history. I’ve done a lot of research and we have archives of all the swimmers that have represented Great Britain going back to the first modern Olympics in 1896."