Assawoman Bay

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Assawoman Bay, once called Assawoman Sound, is a lagoon that is located between Ocean City, Maryland and mainland Delmarva. The bay is located on the northern end of the city, the bay on the southern end is called the Isle of Wight Bay. Another bay called Little Assawoman Bay extends into southern Delaware, and is geologically separated from the main estuaries, by a narrow strait locally referred to as "The Ditch" which crosses the Transpeninsular Line. The larger bay is sometimes called "Big Assawoman Bay", to distinguish it from the smaller bay, though this is often meant to be a tongue-in-cheek rendering of the name.

Open Water Swimming

Lisa Hertz completed the first double crossing of Assawoman Bay from Ocean Pines to Ocean City, a total distance of 6.7 miles in 2 hours 55 minutes in 2008.

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